You sound like a husky Patsy Cline, ”

— DJ at the Christian Radio station in Angwin. Calif.

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This summer singer/ songwriter Betty Overstreet of Vacaville, CA entered 3 of her original songs into the Northwest Alabama Music Publishing Company’s Songwriter Contest 2019.


Her Song: “God will send and angel”  won 1st Place for Traditional Gospel, “Let me follow” won 1st Place for Christian song and “Dreams don’t always happen” won 2nd Place for Country Gospel.  She won a Gold Record for those 3 songs. She also received 2 collector copies of THE ANTHOLOGY by Garth Brooks and ELVIS ATLAS by Gray and Osborn.


Her songs will also be distributed World Wide in the Compilation CD by Northwest Alabama Publishing. 


In addition to the awards she won this year she also received awards at the Akademia Music awards in Pasadena, California in 2016. “I dreamed I walked along with Jesus” a co-write with Sharron Hammer received Best song Christian/Folk and “You came right back” received Best song Country/Americana.  


Betty and her husband Gary Overstreet have been a musical duo since their marriage in 2001. They perform Gospel concerts in churches as well as Country Western music in various venues. They are available for your special event by calling 707-398-4120 or email


Betty had been performing as a single act previous to Gary joining her. She had a recording session in Nashville in 1988 with Vern Pratt that put her on the Cashbox Charts. The song “Let the sandman wait” was written by Nashville song writer, Kenny Bell.


Betty has released a number of CDs: Betty Overstreet, featuring Dreams don’t always happen, Pure Gospel, Making music with my friends, Potpourri of Country & Chistian and many more. They are available online at,, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more or contact them at the above email address.  You may also add your name to their mailing list to receive ongoing news!

just a few notes from fans......



your "let the sandman wait" is my favourite. i'm just absolutely speechless about it. please keep up the brilliant work, its people like yourself that keep the music alive!



Hi, I was actually sharing another artist on n1m and I recommended your song by mistake. Best mistake I ever made. Thanks for your music, I love your work. And I think it's real brave of you to put yourself out there and give so much of yourself to people without expecting anything. marian



I really enjoyed listening to your music on N1M! If you ever release a new album, I'm going to buy your album. Effi



Hello, Not a day goes by I don't listen to your music. It's awesome and looking forward to many more great works by you. Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the wonder of the holiday season! 




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