Betty Overstreet, Songwriter  BMI
Hello, all you wonderful artists that I have met in the past few

I am very excited to share my original songs with you. I believe
you car do a fantastic job of making my songs even better
than they are!  It would be great to hear  what they will sound
like with YOUR VOICE!

I have begun a catalog of my songs with to
make it easy for us to work together.  You contact them and
they will create the Mechanical license needed as permission
for you to record them.  

I write both Country and Christian/Gospel songs.  Two of  my
songs have won awards at Akademia Music Awards in 2016.
Best Song Country/Americana: You came right back
Best song Gospel/Folk:     I dreamed I walked along with  Jesus

You may listen to my music at:

I have co-written songs with other songwriters:
John Covert
George La Flame
Sharon Werley Hammer