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Gary and Betty and Gary Overstreet are a Gospel/Country Western
vocal duo who would love to entertain at your next special event.
Their genre includes Gospel, Country Western, Easy-listening, Rock N
Roll !  You name it, they will sing it!  

Gospel Concert
Private Party

We will be waiting to hear from you!
Betty & Gary Overstreet
Music for your listening
pleasure and Download
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listen to later.


"The Overstreets"
Betty Overstreet , Artist/Songwriter BMIBetty
Gary   Overstreet,Vocalist/Sound Technician  
Akademia Award
March 2016
Best Song: Christian/Folk

"I dreamed I walked along with Jesus "
Akademia Award
June 2016
Best Song  Country/Amaricana

"You came right back"
Thank You.. DJs all over the world!!   
You are making our dreams come true each time you play our songs!!
If you are playing my music and your name is not on this list, Please let me know so
I my add you and show the world what a great, wonderful DJ you are!!  
Your name belongs here with all these great folks who are playing INDIE music for
their listeners.  

Trudy Burke , Australia
Hank Edwards , West Virginia USA

Russell Auty, United Kingdom  
Debbie Scott, Fort Walton Beach, Florida USA

Michelle Risley, New Zealand
Rory Heath, Wakefield, New Hampshire USA

Robert Dew --TLC Stations,  Ngongotaha
Tim Gorman , Texarkana, Arkansas   USA

Kevin and Kay Tappin, Matamata, New Zealand

Monica and Peter Shaw W. Auckland, New,Zealand

Ludo Sterkins, Belgium

Wilfried Wieczorek  @OMCRN, Germany

Wyn Machon , New zealand

Nowel Parry , Invercargil, New Zealand

Bryan Chalker, Great Britain

Beverly Walmsley , New Castle, Ontario, Canada

Del Moller, Australia

Alec Devonshire, New Zealand

Winnie Hansen, Denmark

Kurt Gabriel, EMCA radio, Austria

Marty West, Netherlands